A wave is about to hit the financial market. It is a wave that will be created by the decline of Apple Electronics Company. This is according to Paul Mampilly. He is one of the best analysts in the stock markets and understands the dynamics which relate to the financial markets. He has predicted that in 2018, Apple is facing a decline in its share value. For a large part of its lifetime, Apple has only been facing inclination and stagnation. It has not yet seen a decline in its market value. This is about to change. Why will it change? Paul Mampilly believes those who are still investing in the company are doing so at risk. These are the people who still think that the company is still the same that was under the management of its founder Steve Jobs. This is not true.

This company is about to suffer its first effects following the demise of its founder Steve Jobs. Steve was the brain behind all the products that we see from the company. He introduced all of them and the company have just been modifying them and adding more features. This means that the company is not bringing anything new to the market as it used to do. For instance, when it introduced the iPod in 2001, it was meant to bring a revolution that would see people shift from the use of CDS and such other traditional devices.

This was an innovation of its kind. Then in 2007, they introduced the iPhone. This was meant to bring a new method of communication-based on mobile technology. In 2011, they introduced the iPads which are like mini laptops. Looking at all these innovations, we see unique ideas that had so much potential to influence their market share. It is now seven years later, and the company has not introduced anything new in the market. The market will soon get tired of the same devices. The sales will go down, and the company’s profits will fall. This will mark the beginning of the end. Already the company is facing rejection of some of its recent flagships such as the iPhone X. Co-founder of this giant company is one of the people who has argued that he is not a fan of the recent phone. He is happy with his old iPhone 8.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investor in the United States stock markets. He has been in the markets for a long time and understands how the analysis should be done. He is one of the professionals working with Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the winner of the 2009 Templeton Foundation awards.