John Hanke is the CEO of Niantic, the development team behind the hit mobile ARG ‘Pokemon Go’. Pokemon Go has been rising in popularity ever since its release and fans keep coming back due to the fact that the team at Niantic has shown the ability to listen and improve upon their core title. One of the most interesting ways that Niantic has been active with fans and Trainers alike is by focusing on releasing events on a monthly basis. Right now, Hanke and the team at Niantic are priming their fanbase for the upcoming Earth Day.

The Earth Day event is going to be a marked departure from the traditional events that Niantic has been focusing on. The Earth Day event will start with a collaboration alongside Mission Blue. Mission Blue is a coalition that has worked around the globe in order to help protected areas stay clean and protected. Now, Mission Blue will be working with Niantic in order to implore trainers to take it upon themselves to help take care of the environment — for a reward.

Niantic released a message to trainers everywhere this past week saying, “Caring for waterways and oceans through organizations like Mission Blue will help us all live better lives.” According to Niantic, there will be clean-up areas established all around the globe that are going to be coordinated by nonprofits. These locations will serve as a hub for trainers to attend and get in on the clean-up action. Trainers will help to clean up natural areas in their community during a 48 hour period while bonuses and missions are pushed through the Pokemon Go application.

According to Niantic, there are going to be different tiers of rewards depending on how responsive trainers are to the event. At 1,500 participants, double Stardust will be released for Ground, Water and Grass-type Pokemon. At 3,000 participants, that rate of Stardust will change to triple the amount per capture. Niantic has announced that there will be 72 total, coordinated events throughout the world spanning across 21 different countries. Trainers who want to catch Pokemon, clean up the Earth and be rewarded for it should make sure to keep their day clean for the upcoming event. This kind of innovative live event is a big deal and a great step forward for tech companies.