For the past two years all ears and eyes in the Hollywood ‘science fiction’ crowd have been carefully tuned for news on ‘Ready Player One’. One of the most iconic young adult love letters to technology, ‘Ready Player One’ was a hand in glove fit for a cinematic adaptation — pun intended. Steven Spielberg has always been the creative mind behind capturing the zeitgeist of youth and he does so easily with ‘Ready Player One’ while also adding on a layer of portent for the future of technology and of virtual reality, in particular. The film also focused on utilizing some of today’s amazing virtual production methods in order to capture some of the most captivating CGI in ages.

Let’s start by first looking at the motion capture and digital work that was accomplished by Spielberg’s own team at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Spielberg and the team at ILM are no strangers to revolutionizing the technical world and in many ways ‘Ready Player One’ was just the culmination and evolution of their prior efforts. How Spielberg’s team of tech geniuses accomplished the phenomenal motion-captured CGI is almost as impressive as the film itself. Essentially, each actor was rigged in a motion capture suit inside of a special studio. The actors were then shot on two separate cameras while acting in front of proxy sets. These were then mapped and re-textured after being ported into the computer system. This work was largely all done at the Leavesden studios in the United Kingdom. Extensive sets were constructed to complete all of the major sequences seen within the fascinating world of the Oasis.

The most exciting aspect of this joyful filmmaking exercise was that the actors also wore VR headsets while shooting their scenes. Data was fed into the Motion Builder and the world became largely real to them. The entire process is revolutionizing the world of filmmaking and we’re excited to see how it carries forward. All of this technological love was seen in the film ‘Ready Player One’, as well. With the budget and box office success of “Ready Player One’ in the books, we might be gearing up to see more and more films that are eager to paint a bright future for science and technology.