There are many who spend time on Twitter, using the social network to share short messages with their followers. There are now just as many – if not more – who are spending their time on Reddit, catching up on the news and sharing stories with others. Reddit has been growing quickly over recent days, and it has now passed up Twitter when it comes to the number of users who spend time on the website. This is a big deal and it is something that should get those who are running Reddit excited about the future and all that it holds for them.

There were 250 million average monthly visitors on Reddit back in November of 2017. That was a big number and one that has quickly grown. In April of 2018, there were reportedly 330 million average monthly visitors to the website. The number of visitors has grown by more than 30 percent in just half a year, and it is something that is still growing.

Reddit has not only passed up Twitter when it comes to the number of people who are visiting the website, it has passed up a number of other websites as well. It has become the sixth most visited website in the world. There are more people visiting the website than there are people visiting Amazon or Yahoo.

Not only are there are a lot of people checking out Reddit, those who come to the website spend a good amount of time on it. It seems that people are spending more time on Reddit than on other popular social media platforms. People spend more time on this website than they do on Facebook or Twitter, and they even spend more time on it than they spend on most non-social media websites, as well. There is a lot of traffic going to Reddit, and that traffic is sticking around as users are spending a good portion of their day on the website.