Renovia is a relatively new company that just started out two years ago and is already doing tremendous research to try and help women the world over. Just this year, Marc Beer, the current company CEO and co-founder, managed to do a fundraising series that amounted to more than 42 million dollars from various sources, mostly other healthcare organizations looking to back a good looking startup. This new money marks a good day for Renovia, as they have the funding they need for more extensive research and development of their current drug, Leva.


Marc Beer has more than 20 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical company and he has even developed a few of his own drugs before to help people combat their health problems. Marc is an honorary graduate from the University of Miami in Florida and still maintains a membership on the council board at the university. Marc Beer ended up founding a company known as ViaCell after completing his education in 2000 and managed to expand the company for more than 6 years. During his time trying to get his own product released to help treat people, he was hassled by the FDA for his purposes and he couldn’t get his product approved. By starting up Renovia, Marc Beer is providing a dedicated company to his efforts in improving healthcare and researching new treatments for people around the world.


The main concern for Renovia at this point is pelvic floor disorders, which is affecting hundreds of millions of women around the world today. If Renovia proves successful with their drug, Leva, millions of women will have them to thank. Leva was just approved this year, so there is still a ways to go before it reaches the lives of all those women out there that are suffering. There are also various improvements that can be made to Leva, provided the company has the right funding for years to come.


These days, women over the age of twenty have a one in four chance of dealing with pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime, which affects the deepest parts of the tissues and muscles within the pelvis. This area is extremely important because the pelvic floor is responsible for holding all of the organs above it in place, which will cause more issues if they move. Learn more: