The last two decades have seen Sandy Chin’s career progress from one influential position to another in the finance industry that culminated with founding Tidal Bore capital. Before starting this new outfit, a hedge fund that specializes in consumer foods, Sandy worked with various finance and money management firms, serving in different managerial positions.


Where did she start?


While she majored in legal studies, Sandy took interest in finance early on and started working as an analyst with Moore capital before moving on to serve as a senior analyst at SAC capital. In both positions, the hedge fund manager served alongside her mentor, from whom she scooped valuable money and managerial skills that she would apply later in her career as well as become the driving force moving into private practice. Her biggest break in the alternative investment industry, however, came during her time Visium Capital where she served as a portfolio manager.


Breaking away and making a difference


After working with three different finance companies, Sandy Chin felt the need to pursue more. She, therefore, embarked on an ambitious path of identifying neglected finance industry players with a huge potential and coming up a hedge fund brand around them and her choice was consumer goods. Sandy believes that most investors undervalue the potent of the consumer goods and their respective companies.


Advice to young entrepreneurs


Sandy Chin’s advice young entrepreneurs hoping to leave a mark in the industry is that they should appreciate the importance of brand management. She asks that they don’t settle for less but always strive to ask for more from each of their undertaking. She is however quick to add that they, in turn, put the best foot forward in each of their understanding while giving it their all. Most importantly, young entrepreneurs, especially in the fast-changing finance and money markets, must learn how to consume and process information to their advantage in record time if they hope to compete favorably in this fast-changing industry.


More about Sandy


Sandy holds an MBA in corporate finance & global business from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Barnard College. She is an avid hockey fan who also enjoys staple foods and this partly explains her decision to set up a staple food hedge fund.