Mike Burwell, the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, was recently interviewed by Ideamensch on various aspects of his life. Mike had initially spent 31 years at Price Water Coopers (PWC) where he held several positions the senior most being the Vice Chairman Global and US Transformation in 2012. Mike studied at Michigan State University and graduated with a bachelor in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.


During the interview, Mike stated that he always makes his bed as this gives him a sense of accomplishment. Michael Burwell believes that technology improves an individual’s productivity and shares with people apps that make him more productive as the source for others from people. He also believes that when collaborating with people, you must not have the same point of view but what is essential is complementing each other as all people cannot be the same.


He advised people to be good listeners to create networks. This can only be achieved by active listening as everyone has something to offer. When asked about the strategies that helped him grow his business he answered that it is vital to be positive. There will always be people telling you that it cannot be done and if you listen to them you will be doomed to fail. Michael Burwell’s favorite book is soft selling in a hard world; it helps one understand the process of becoming successful and his favorite quote is the only place to find leadership is in the mirror.


In October 2017, Mike joined Willis Towers Watson a leading company in advisory and broking in the world. Willis Towers Watson is operating in over 140 countries helping institutions and individuals turn risk into growth and success. They design solutions that mitigate risks, enhance growth and increase the productivity of capital. Willis Towers Watson was founded in 1828 and has over 140,000 employees.


Mike joined Willis Towers Watson after former Chief Financial Officer Roger Millay retired voluntarily in October 2017. Willis’ Chief Executive Officer John Haley was excited to have Mike after his 31 years at PWC. He believed he has a vast experience in management and leadership which will help the company achieve its full potential having worked in different capacities at PWC. Mike, on the other hand, said he was impressed by Willis Towers Watson progress over the years, its leadership, commitment to clients and its inclusive culture for all.



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