When Shervin Pishevar speaks, the world of tech listens. The veteran entrepreneur and lauded venture capitalist has proven many times that he has the magic touch and the perspicacity to capitalize on some of the hottest deals that the tech world has ever seen. Projects on which Shervin Pishevar provided crucial financing include the creation of Airbnb, Uber and Virgin Hyperloop. He has also racked up an impressive track record as an entrepreneur in his own right, founding such big-name firms as WebOS, Ionside and Social Gaming Network.

But as famous as Shervin Pishevar is within venture capital circles, he is even more widely known for his role as a sort of ad hoc public intellectual. With a Twitter feed that features more than 100,000 followers, Shervin Pishevar is easily one of the most-followed figures in the tech world today. In a recent 21-hour tweet storm, Pishevar declaimed on a large number of topics. Although he is an almost incorrigible optimist, many of his followers noted that the tone of his most recent tweets had taken on a more portentous tone. And, given the content of the posts, it is difficult to see how even Pishevar could put a happy spin on what appears to be a possible death spiral.

One of the topics on which Pishevar expounded was the subject of so-called tax donkeys, especially tech entrepreneurs, and how they are likely to react to future tax hikes and other punitive and freedom-stifling measures. Pishevar doesn’t mince words when he says that states like California need to radically overhaul how they are treating their top innovators and job creators. Failure to do so, says Pishevar, will give the talented tech class an easy and clear decision: continue on as a tax slave in punitive jurisdictions or go in the world where they are treated best.

Pishevar says that many governments have effectively no grasp of the seriousness of this issue. He says that it is getting ever easier for talented entrepreneurs to simply renounce their citizenship and go elsewhere. Pishevar sees this problem exacerbating, with American politicians continuing to raise taxes as revenues fall. Pishevar says this will likely lead to the collapse of the country.