The Apple HomePod is a very popular smart speaker that is capable of performing many different functions. One of the speaker’s side effects, however, is not appreciated by users of the device.

In a recent Tech Crunch article, the author covers the issue of the HomePod leaving ring marks on wooden furniture that it is stored upon.

For some time now, owners of the Apple HomePod have been expressing their displeasure with the ring-mark issue on social media. For example, one owner said that the device left rings on his expensive furniture after utilizing the speaker for less than 20 minutes. Now, Apple has come forward with a confirmation that their smart speaker can indeed leave marks behind on some types of wooden surfaces.

On the support page of Apple’s website, the company acknowledged that ‘mild’ marks could form, due to the reaction of oils between a wooden surface and the silicone base of the HomePod. The company also said it was common for any vibration-quelling speaker with a silicone base to leave marks on wood.

It is understandable that the owners of HomePods would be less-than happy with their $349 speakers damaging their furniture. Some social media users have said that Apple should have been aware of the problem and corrected it before releasing it for sale to the public.

In their confirmation of the furniture-mark issue, Apple recommends that affected wood surfaces be wiped gently with a cloth, or with the furniture-maker’s preferred cleaning method. The company also recommends that concerned owners place their HomePods on other surfaces.

The issue of devices containing silicone leaving marks on wood is nothing new. These unpleasant side effects have occurred with similar products, but only some users of the HomePod have complained so far.

As the author of the Tech Crunch article suggests, the best thing that people can do to eliminate furniture marks from their HomePods might be to simply use some sort of object in-between as a large coaster.