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Stansberry Research has offered multiple research publications about financial information and software such as production of an infomercial in 2011 titled “The End of America” and “The Project to Restore America” in 2012. These have shed light into the economic and financial system of the U.S.

Most of the publications about metals such as gold and copper as well as value investing and option trading tips that it offers are aimed at empowering the investor in making wise investment decisions and increasing their profitability.

Stansberry Research currently has over 350,000 subscribers from over 100 countries. This is attributed to their tenure, experienced analysts, frequent and relevant financial publications as well as affordable subscription plans that are suitable for all individuals.



The Fast Approaching Trade War among the Major Market Players

In a recent publication by Stansberry Research, there has been an evident declaration of a trade war by the U.S. President Donald Trump who recently announced the introduction of tariffs on steel and aluminum of 25% and 10% respectively. This will spell a serious strain on the average U.S. consumer as the increased tariff cost will most likely be passed on to them as a tax hike.

This was initially aimed to combat the falling industry of steel that has shed roughly 80% of jobs since its peak in 1953 and has greatly outsourced most of the jobs. The tariff introduction is not likely to favor this but instead will cause retaliation of the U.S. trade partners that will be adversely affected by this tariff.

One of the partners, the European Union has not held back in its policy to introduce tariffs on most U.S. consumer goods such as shirts, jeans and cosmetics of 25% if the U.S. tariffs are approved. This will be a tit-for-tat levy.

China, a heavy investor in U.S. Treasury, will also retaliate if the tariffs are imposed on them as well by introducing tariffs on U.S. consumer goods as well as reducing their investment in Treasury.