Stream Energy is a company that values philanthropy. They serve as middlemen to products and services. In other words, their employees are paid to create a foundation of loyal clients through relationship building and information sharing. Workers talk to clients and discuss their needs in products and services to pair them with the excellent services at a discounted price. A few services offered by Stream Energy are mobile phone plans, telemedicine, and fixed-rate energy.

Associates who perform successfully earn a commission and are considered to be contractors. Overall the company has one thing in mind. That is to serve the people in the community. Stream Cares is the foundation created by the company to help people who suffer hardship as a result of natural disaster. The goal is to give back. People survive and conquer better when they practice interdependence. When Hurricane Harvey happened, close to 56 inches of rain flooded Houston Texas. Many people in the community lost their lives, their homes, and even their pets.

Stream Energy was one of the first companies to aid in the recovery of the storm. The company used its own money to help fund the restoration as they believed that it was their duty since many of the people affected by the storm were customers. They also partner with other organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to not only help people in the surrounding areas but people around the world. Homelessness is a leading cause of Stream because they believe that everyone deserves to live a good quality of life. That is why they partner with Hope Supply Co. to ensure that individuals who are homeless have all of the supplies they need to live clean and safe. One event that Stream Energy participates in every year is the Splash for hope water park trip. Children and their families get to enjoy an all-expense paid trip to the local water park. It gives children the opportunity to experience the fun of a water park without the worry of finances. Stream is a company model to be followed as it is making a difference in the lives of others.