Philanthropy is an integral part of any corporation. It is a way of building strong relationships between the society and corporations by giving back. Giving back has been observed to affect the profitability and growth directly. Moreover, it enhances the company’s image. One corporation that stands out from the rest in philanthropy is Stream Energy.

Background information

Stream Energy is one of the country’s major connected life services company. They offer Energy, Protective, Wireless and Home services to its clients. Since its launch in 2005, Stream generates more than $8 billion in revenue. At this moment, they provide services in Delaware, New York, Maryland, Washington, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Stream has grown to include connected life services like Virtual MD, international wireless plans, and digital voice services. Their services are designed to maintain client connection at home, work and on the road. They recently began Stream Cares, a charity foundation.

Stream Cares

Stream Energy decided to start Stream Cares to normalize its philanthropy across Texas and the whole country. During Hurricane Harvey, Stream used the money it had accumulated from day to day businesses to finance the recovery. Moreover, it helped ease the financial challenge of the victims. Stream Cares is also devoted to dealing with homelessness. Stream Energy and its employees continuously keep track of the number of homeless in Dallas, and they noticed a 24% increase in homelessness. This prompted even more giving. They also partnered with Hope Supply to cover both entrance and meal costs for more than 1000 homeless children of North Texas at the annual Splash for Hope. Through this event, homeless children get to visit a local water park and have the experience of a lifetime. Hope Supply also offers clothing, diapers and school supplies for homeless children. Stream has directly engaged in this activity as well for over four years.

More information

Stream Energy has not only employed over 250,000 associates but also empowered them. These associates are provided continuously with resources to enable them to sharpen their skills and also build better quality lives for themselves and their families. Stream has proved itself as a company dedicated to the welfare of its customers, especially in Dallas and Texas. It has successfully combined energy, leadership, and philanthropy, to be named one of Texas’ Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers.