This is the age of being connected in all facets of life. We are encouraged to know what is going on with all of our friends, family, and current news. Some would say, this works for the good of us all, and some would add, it is detrimental to society. We know more what is going on in the world today than before, but does any of it stick and make a difference? We need more moderation of social media in all platforms, and we need to add more time for self.

I am a millennial and used to spend far more time on Facebook and Instagram then I ever had in the past. I took a second to reevaluate how much time I had available in a day and where that time was going. I believe the age we live in gives us easier access to productivity, but that same platform is a double-edged sword in wasting valuable time. One being, more demand from our employers to work well over 40 hours, and what we need to survive. The current climate continues to show us our government and large corporations don’t care about living wages and the demand on the middle/lower class. In that case, it is understandable in being worn out after work and spending the duration of the night on social media. The question is, is that making us better? Your text to link…

I believe it is now time to put technology and social media in perspective and start using them as tools to better our country and our own lives. We see many using their platform to promote their names and businesses. This generation has been labeled the “time wasting” generation that lacks motivation. I currently use social media for business purposes to promote a family business that I am involved in. I use the same platforms sparingly for personal reasons. We have to change the climate and direction of society, and we must make it a place where we will feel proud to live in that supports the majority.

Do you ever feel like time is speeding up? I do, and it pressures me to work harder to leave a legacy behind that will help the direction of this country. We are the generation of change, but we must understand the distractions that are out there to slow us down. Whatever you follow on a daily basis, think for a second “is this beneficial” and how.