As you might know, Talos Energy is a leading producer of oil and gas. They are based out of Houston Texas and depend on the assets by the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the Gulf Coast. Talos Energy LLC would be just like any other energy company if it wasn’t for the people that make up the company. The company has developed a tag line that simply says: fuled by our people. The reason for this simple message is, well, simple. The company is looking for some of the brightest minds that are talented to work with their company. At Talos Energy they understand that skills and ideas are important to the growth of every company. They would love to talk to you to see what you can offer the company and what Talos Energy can offer to you. This energy company is a growing company who is offering careers with competetitive benefits for every single person who offers their time and talent to the company.

Talos Energy, according to their employee’s surveys, the company has been voted a top workplace. They actually made the Houston Chronicle list of top workplaces for over five years in a row. They provide a work schedule that is flexible and so much more. Talos Energy feels that as an employee you need to live and work a life that is balanced. If you are looking to work with a company who offers medical coverage that includes both a savings account for health, known as a HSA or a Blue Cross and Blue Shield place that offers anywhere from zero to a minimal cost for the employee and the whole family, Talso can provide this. The company also has dental coverage, vision coverage and more.

One of the health plans that many employees opt for is the Health Savings Account, in addition they offer 401 K for retirement and basic life insurance. Talos Energy has many positions available and they are always looking to hire a few of the most talented people on the face of the planet. It’s all of these benefits mixed with paid holidays and paid vacations and time off. Talos Energy has many jobs that are just waiting for the right people who want to join the team of highly motivated and highly talented individuals. If you or someone you know has the talent to bring talent to this company, who not apply and see if you can’t create a winning situation for everyone? You’ll be happy that you did.