Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the duo that make up the well known American DJ and production team known as the Chainsmokers. The pair had a slow start, like so many in the music industry, but have climbed their way to many of the biggest charts in the business. This growth doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. Their newest hit, Memories… Do Not Open, is now the third longest running number 1 on the dance charts and doesn’t appear to be coming down anytime soon.

#Selfie would be the very first big hit for the duo. This single was released in 2013, but the song did not become the fan favorite it is now until Dim Mak Records helped promote it. In 2014 the record company streamed it to Republic Records and the Chainsmokers became a hit. Not long after that hit the duo collaborated with SirenXX to produce the next big hit Kanye. Since they hit the big time the Chainsmokers have flooded Top 40 radio with their unique spins, brilliant collaborations, and take on music.

Singles released by the talented duo have included Closer, a collaboration with Halsey, which hit number one on the music charts in 2016. Don’t Let Me Down was another huge hit for the duo and featured Daya. This song hit number three on the charts in 2016. The very well known hit where the duo combined talents with Coldplay titled Something Just Like This also hit number 3 on the charts. Paris was a brilliant song by the Chainsmokers and it also hit up high coming in at number 6 on the charts in 2017.

Memories… Do Not Open was released by the Chainsmokers in April of 2017 as their very first full length album. Even though this album is over a year old it is still going strong. Memories… Do Not Open is still number 1 on the Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart, and since its release it has not fallen from the top 5 on the list.