Barbara Stokes, an active volunteer at Huntsville community and a mother of three is highly knowledgeable in government contracting thus proud to be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Green Structure Homes Delivered, supporting FEMA’s and the United States Government mission which makes her and important factor to this mission, she does government contracting. Disaster relief Construction is a field of her expertise. She is a graduate from Mercer University and achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Biometrical Engineering and Physics in the year 2001 and studies Manufacturing and Management, Structures and properties of Materials, Technical Communication and thermodynamics at the same University. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Before Barbara Stokes became the CEO of GHS (Green Structure Homes), she had acquired profound practical knowledge and skills at Pisces Cooperation and Boeing. Boeing is a company internationally recognized for art and craft manufacturing while Pisces is a company involved in electronics research and development. As part of her experience, Madam Barbara has worked as an administrative assistant at Muscular Dystrophy Association and research assistant at the University of Alabama. Read this article at

GSH under a twenty-eight point five million-dollar contact with FEMA, has enabled Barbara Stokes together with the companies COO, Scott Stokes to recently announce the creation of several new jobs in the state of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania. This contracts set to increase the number of businesses and support job growth in areas surrounding Alabama. This contract has immensely shown the love and dedication of the CEO of GSH, Madam Barbara Stokes to invest and support these communities.

Through all her effort, Barbara as shown and expressed confidence in assisting victims of the recent hit, hurricane Harvey through providing the best and quality places to the affected. Green Structure Homes is known to provide unique and proper features designed to sustain proper structural integrity.

Barbara Stokes work as the CEO of Green Structure Homes has shown that she is incredibly talented and well able to execute plans and ideas to the letter and do an exemplary job.