Do millennials get a bad wrap? No matter what is going on in society, the generation before blames the millennial. Even though, the millennials’ parents are more responsible for the current state of the economy. They are the ones who elected the officials. They trusted news outlets that we currently find as biased in many ways. The millennial is a generation of questioning and needing proof before believing.

The millennial generation is the ones who are evolving technology and have changed the platform in how things work. They have aided in the “convenience business model” and turn their heads away from the status quo. The millennial has advanced the use of technology, for example, major review sites like Yelp and those similar, have a major impact on business quality. We communicate in a way to not be taken advantage of like our parents were. The restaurant industry has changed dramatically. Companies like Applebees have taken a major hit in business because the word has spread of their poor quality. The millennial is not a fan of the routine and seeks more for their money in multiple areas.

Corporations now have to be creative to market to millennials. Marketing budgets are sky-rocketing as companies try to navigate the many avenues the millennial has opened. Companies now have social media advisers and analysts positions because of the millennial advances in technology. We are the cord-cutting generation. We have changed the industry of cable and internet providers. The bundle packages that cable/internet providers offer have been broken down and exposed. The time is now to be more frugal and make better financial decisions. The power of corporate America is at an all-time high, and it must be broken down by us all. The issue of “Net Neutrality” is a major issue that makes it easier for corporations to gain our personal information and advertise to us all. This is an example of the impact the millennial has made in the current state of society. Your text to link…

It may be time to sit back and think about the stereotypes we give to certain generations without knowing the facts. I believe society is becoming more informed, and they understand the control they have. It is time to stop the blame game, and it is time to respect each side’s contribution to society. Let’s learn from each of our mistakes, and work on getting better.