Dr. Mark McKenna is a qualified doctor whose certification and license in surgery prove that his work is legit. Dr. Mark is a man who does not like to stand looking at people suffer without doing anything. He speaks for his patients without favor or fear. Dr. Mark has also dedicated his life to serving the community. Everything he does benefit the community in one way or another.


Dr. McKenna started the McKenna Venture Investments when he had accumulated enough money after leaving the University of Tulane with a certificate. This is also the time that Mark started working with his father. They did private practice.


The hurricane that affected the lives of people in New Orleans was unexpected. The very hurricane put businesses down and tore houses apart. Dr. McKenna could not stand aside and see people suffer. His entrepreneurial spirit only grew more. He helped make something out of the broken pieces, by offering houses that were for low-income individuals, and simple. Find Related Information Here.

Mark then decided to do business in Atlanta. His shift in residence came to be permanent. In 2007 following his shift, Mark brought to life an idea that he had held for quite some time.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his expertise were adopted by Lifetime Fitness, to the medical wing. He did great things there, and greater things like OVME soon came up when Dr. Mark McKenna walked away from the company. OVME was going to be the greatest company that Mark had ever brought to life. Of all his innovations, this was the greatest and was going to be the most profitable for his cause. In his aim to people out and serve the community, Mark had started a company that would serve this purpose well.

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