Tech companies are really blasting off. More of these companies are getting IPOs, and this brings more diversity to Wall Street. People that have been wondering if they could invest in music streaming now have access to Spotify. Pandora was already a publicly traded company, but this stock has been going down over the years. People have been waiting for Spotify to get an IPO because it has been the top music streaming service for the last several years.

People were also wondering when other sites like Dropbox would acquire an IPO. This has just happened recently, and people are interested to know how this cloud storage tech company is going to keep investors interested in what cloud storage is able to bring when it compares to other cloud sites like Box and Google Drive.

There are also other social media companies like Snapchat that have been around for a long time with no IPO. Facebook has a huge value and Twitter is on the rise. Snapchat just acquired an IPO this year. This means that there is still a lot of room for growth, but as with all new publicly traded companies investors want to know how these companies are going to be able to make profits once it has transitioned from a private company.

This is often one of the biggest challenges that tech companies go through. There always seems to be a period of adjustment because the valuation of a company and the true price of the stock is very different sometimes. There are times where a stock can plummet simply because no one really believed that it would make the type of money that it has made. Netflix is one of those companies that started slow and continued to rise. Now it is a stock that is worth hundreds of dollars per share, and people may have guessed that this would have happened because it relied heavily on a physical DVD to be mailed. Few people would have realized that movie streaming would come into place and change everything that people were accustomed to. All of these tech companies are changing the platform and completely reworking the way that people look at technology in the office place and in the home environment.