Dr. Mark McKenna is an indefatigable doctor in terms of his eagerness to succeed as an entrepreneur. A licensed plastic surgeon, Dr. McKenna had hopes on starting his own destiny, one that would serve the doctor justice and propel him to an impressive outcome, an outcome in which required perseverance and an industrious attitude, in which he possessed quite reliably.


Dr. Mark McKenna is an inspiration, inspired by entrepreneurs growing up that were incredibly close to him, his parents.


His mom owned a publishing company and his dad ran his own medical practice. This entrepreneurial spirit of his parents was definitely impactful, maybe more from his dad than mom as Dr. Mark McKenna would pursue a medical degree.


Attending Tulsa University Medical School, he wanted to become a medical professional like his dad, but in many instances, he wouldn’t apply himself as he knew he could, but nonetheless, he would do very well, he just seemed to want to get college over and done with and so he did, graduating with his medical degree. Get Additional Information Here.


He would later work with his dad and do some part-time work at a prison as a physician for prisoners. Taking on the job as a prison physician would serve one purpose and one purpose only, to fund one of Dr. Mark McKenna’s passions that has been brewing for some time – real estate.


Dr. McKenna and his dad would start a real estate development firm called, ‘McKenna Venture Investments’. The two would fare well with the business and expand, starting, ‘Universal Mortgage’ and ‘Uptown Title, Inc’. The real estate business would reach a $5 million a year worth and 50+ employees. It took hard work and dedication to pursue to many the many angles, but he did so, and the business excelled.


Unfortunately, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the business, decreasing the business to a 0$ cash flow. He would later build the business back up again, but because of the circumstances, the continuing the business wouldn’t be a smart idea, so he sold it for $700,000 and moved on.


He would move to Atlanta, Ga and start a wellness medical practice titled, ‘ShapeMed’. He would grow this business to $4 million in annual revenue. Perseverance and the willingness to never quit allowed the doctor to continue despite the destructive outcome of Hurricane Katrina. He sells the business to Life Time Fitness, Inc. and not only succeeds with profits from such deal but collected a salary as a National Medical Director of the acquiring company. An inspiring group of events, to say the least, of a doctor who never gave up and landed in a beautiful and healthy environment of success.


Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO and founder of OVME, an innovative aesthetic retail business that provides customers with products related to Botox, body sculpting, hair removal, lab testing and more. Dr. Mark McKenna excels, and his future seems to be a bright light of excellence.



Visit his profile on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmarkmckenna