The real estate industry has become a hot arena for people that want to make money on the side. It has also become an industry where many people transition from regular 9 to 5 jobs to making real estate their full time job. This is something that tends to happen when people need access to more income than they are already making. This is why many people attend the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. They want to know how they can secure a better financial future and get out of the debt that they are currently in.

If there is anyone that is confident in the road to success in real estate, it would be Nick Vertucci. He has become someone that knows the agony of falling into debt and watching a career fade away as you look for ways to make new income.

Nick talks about his moments on the top in the computer industry as well as the fall when this industry became marginalized by a computer industry that faded as the. com bubble burst. It was a lesson learned for Nick Vertucci. He knew that it would take time for him to bounce back, but he found his path to more income and a better financial safety net with a new career in real estate.

Sweat Equity is what he puts time into teaching others when it comes to real estate investing. He also conducts training on finding out which homes are worth buying if you are new to the real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci highlights a lot of the things in his book that he also mentiond in his seminars. He has created a revenue stream for himself in real estate, and now he lays down the blueprint for others that are inspired by his success.