Brian Torchin’s early life includes a chiropractic degree which led him to the business development of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC.) Torchin’s business platform that he created recruits top healthcare personnel which includes a variety of chiropractic, dental, and medical positions available within the community. The business marketing plan of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors that has been developed and personally ran by President Brian Torchin includes an array of social media platforms and an intensive website.

The Twitter and Facebook accounts of Brian Torchin includes the social sharing of the positions available for direct recruitment through Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. The URLs for the job descriptions are shared via hyperlinks directed to ZipRecruiter (a widely known job board used by millions of job searchers) on these social media accounts which gives the candidates a better understanding of his client’s needs and wants. There is an array of geographical locations included in HCRC’s client base which provides national opportunities for his clients rather than merely focusing on the local community in which he resides. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Utilizing the services of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors ran by Brian Torchin allows businesses the opportunity to hire the most qualified talent without having to deal with the headaches of non-qualified candidates. As you know, the likelihood of having a large amount of candidates apply for positions that they unqualified for becomes a hassle when sifting through quality, legitimate resumes. HCRC screens the candidates and does the interviewing which is a timely process — especially when hiring for highly salaried positions within the medical field.

Torchin’s Facebook page for HCRC includes helpful tips of retaining employees, patient management, and even best practices of managing successful practices. His blog posts are very detailed and outlined; you can sincerely sense that Torchin genuinely wants to see his clients succeed with his business partnership.

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