People in the larger cities realize that getting around in a large city is a nightmare for drivers. Public transportation is an even bigger nightmare. The fact is that public transportation is also very expensive for most large cities and small towns. However, one city in Canada discovered that using Uber as an alternative public transportation method might actually save the city millions of dollars per year, compared to the public bus system. The surprising news is that Innisfil, Ont. will become the first city to partner with the very controversial Uber service. Certainly, if the deal works out for the city, other cities across Canada and the United States might consider this method.

Uber Saves City Money
Uber is actually a very controversial service that is banned in a number of cities in the United States. Certainly, this is due to the uproar that is expressed by those that drive a taxi in the city. Taxi drivers report that they lose thousands in fares because of the unregulated drivers. Some taxi drivers even led a protest against the Uber drivers. However, things might change because the on demand driving service is actually helping one city save money. Deputy Mayor Lynn Dollin, revealed on a talk show that she is very pleased with the service. She also added that providing the type of service that Uber does on a 24 hour basis would cost the city 8 million dollars.

The Deal Is Set
The fact is that Uber has signed a deal with the city to provide the well needed public transportation service to people in the community. Here is how the deals works for residents. The city of Innisfil subsidizes the rides for the citizens. Thus, saving the citizens money on their public transportation rides along with saving the city money too. Certainly, other cities will be watching this deal very closely. If the deal proves a success for the city, other cities might consider the same public transportation option too.