Unroll Me is a email service that helps the user manage the junk mail and subscriptions that are delivered to your inbox each and every day. The company was founded in 2011, and are used by millions today to take back control of their inboxes. The programs “Roll Up” service shows you’re a list of all the subscription related emails you received that day in one single email, instead of you getting alerted to each and every one of those emails individually. It simplifies your subscribed to emails, and makes everything easier to see. With close to two hundred billion emails sent every single day, it is no surprise that subscription and junk emails account for a good portion of those.

Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.

Unroll Me us available in the standard web version to help you sift through all those pesky subscription emails to find which ones are really important to you. There are also Unroll Me apps available for both Android and iOS phones. The apps bring staying on top of your emails not only easier but also fun. Interaction with the app is set up similar to how the popular dating app Tinder is set up, with swiping up, left or right the main interactions you use to sort through the emails. Swipe left and you unsubscribe to the email, Swiping up adds that particular subscription to your daily roll up list. Finally swiping to the right keeps that particular subscription in your inbox.

Unroll Me says that on average users have sixty two subscriptions at least when they sign up for the service. By singing up you take that number all the way down to zero by condensing those dozens of emails down to one simple email that you get delivered to your inbox once every day. In addition to the swiping actions to decide where your subscription emails go, you can also choose to view a complete list of your subscriptions and edit it as you see fit from there. Read This Article for additional information.


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