To many living out there, life is no joke navigating through. Nick Vertucci’s was no exception. Having been brought up from a humble background, Nick had had time making the ends meet. His family could not afford a better life for him. For this reason, he had to do something for a better future. After attaining 18 years of age, Nick decided to venture into business of selling computer accessories. The computer accessories business would later corrups when the dot com bubble busted in the year 2000. After losing his business, Nick Vertucci found himself in a financial difficult to an extent of losing a home. He would later venture in real estate industry that saved him from his financial situation.

Nick Vertuccis’s financial difficulty changed its turns after being invited to a real Estate class back in 2004. For a very short period of time, Nick was doing well with real estate terms. This got him investing in the industry and later changed his life completely. Nick Vertucci confessed that having attended the three day seminar was the best decision that he has ever made in his life. For one to succeed in this industry, Nick say that you need to have some qualities such as being confidence, persistence, and determined since the industry appears difficult and challenging for a new person. While he was attending the conference, Nick Vertucci admits that it was difficulty for him to understand every single bit of what the speaker was saying. For ten years, nick was determined to go on training, studying, and making sure that he understood everything that was worth knowing about real estate.

Recently Nick Vertucci released a guide, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In the book, he shares a lot about the challenges he has gone through at the same time trying to offer what direction to take. He further gives a detailed explanation of his principles and how they are related to real estate investment. The book clearly outlines how he used these principles to achieve entrepreneurial freedom as well as financial wealth. He went on to emphasize that for one to strike it rich, you don’t have to play it safe. In case you are wondering on how to make it to a millionaire from a middle class, then this is the right book for you as the fundamental decisions one has to make are well outlined.