The dating scene is one uneven playing field. It involves two player- the man and the woman. However, it’s the man who has a say of when the game begins and on what note. This gives him an undeserved advantage. He already knows whether he just wants to sleep with the woman or if he actually is courting her. The woman on the other hand, has the task of sitting still and waiting for him to make a move. While sitting and waiting, she has to make herself appealing and sometimes even change a bit to attract him. Once he shows interest, she has the task of figuring out his intentions… so tiring.

Most dating sites and apps also mimic this system the give men all the power in deciding when the game begins. This makes it difficult for women to find men they are interested in. as a result, instead of making dating easier, they have made it a lot more tricky. Bamble is a dating app designed to make the dating scene even. Instead of the men always making the first move, it’s the woman who does.Whitney Wolfe Herd, the CEO and Founder of Bumble, designed this app in such a way that both men and women can find matches. Just like other dating sites, to make a match on bumble, you swipe right. If the man swipes right, he has to wait till the woman he matches swipes him right as well. If this happens, the app prompts the woman to start a conversation in 24 hours before the match disappears. By doing this, Whitney Wolfe eliminates the myths of the dating scene that keep the woman from making the first move because that’s the way it works on this app. No one will accuse the woman of desperation or being headstrong.

The woman making the first move is not the only unique feature Bamble has. The users can also look for female BFFs through the site. This feature allows either of the women who made the match to initiate the conversation. Because of these features, Bamble has seen Whitney get a lot of attention from the media.It’s not a surprise that Bumble three years after its foundation is worth more than a billion US dollars. Whitney, though not a straight A student always had a knack for business. During her final year in Southern Methodist University, she designed a tote bag that aided the victims of BP oil spill. Her incredible marketing skills saw her design carried by celebrities like Nicole Richie and Denise Richard. This had the venture get national attention. It was these same skills that saw her be part of the launching team for tinder.