Equities First Holdings (EFH UK) brought people new way to reach professional and personal goals. Equity-loan is an alternative to traditional bank loan. The equity loan was offered by EFH UK since it began its’ operation in 2012. United Kingdom proved be a good market. EFH UK was able to produce 700 transactions. It was helpful to overall corporation as it managed to produce nearly $1 billion in customer transactions. Equity-loans’ popularity is factor to EFH UK’s performance. The move into the UK proved to be a good idea, and it also was enough feedback that influenced Equities First Holding(EFH) to open offices in other locations around the globe. EFH has an office in Australia, but there are at least 9 different locations you could find an Equities First Holding’s office.

EFH UK offers financial advice to businesses and individuals. They are many well-trained financial advisors available to its’ clients. There are not many companies who offer equity-loans, therefore, there is not much competition for EFH UK.

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