Graeme Holm is the director and the co-founder of Infinity Group Australia and has over 17 years of experience in the finance industry. He launched the Infinity Group Australia in 2013, and he aimed to help the people of Australia secure their future as well as improving their financial situations. Holm happens to be among the world’s top 100 brokers and holds a masters degree in Business Administration which has helped him secure his future.


He joined the industry when he got frustrated by the services the banks offered to the Australian families. They were greatly exploited whereby the banks seized so many people’s properties. Many people could acquire loans but would later end up not paying because of the exorbitant terms and also rising interest rates. He created a platform which would bring together Australian families and loan seekers and give them a chance to grow and secure their future.



Graeme Holm founded the now famous Infinity Group Australia together with his loving wife Rebecca Walker; The focused on changing the loan repayment schedules in the Australian markets. They were able to come up with an idea of support and guidance to life. He, therefore, had to think about how he could train their clients on the best ways to manage their finances and also make wealth through diversified investments.


Infinity Group Australia has been able to exhibit excellent services to the people of Australia, and so many investors have been able to love the company for its continued professional services. He has been able to add that their clients, through structured guidance has been able to reduce the loan repayment periods even with three months. The company is proud to have a team of professionals who can work around the clock towards securing the lives of their clients. They have worked with a lot of motivation towards establishing a career for their clients that help the clients have more time with their families and also living better lives.


Graem Holm believes in professional customer services that acknowledge progress and also ensuring that they help people play critical roles in their career success. This collaboration has enabled him to strengthen his relationship together with his clients. They also focus on creating positive customers experience. In conclusion, Graeme is working towards bringing a real change in the lives of these investors.


Graeme’s conduct and leadership skills at the company have made them realize their potential, and the company has been able to help so many Australians who would suffer from bad debts get a platform to grow themselves. The company has enabled the people of Australia to run away from bad banks who charge high interest rates. They are also known for using brutal methods repossessing their loans. Some people who had a great potential have ended up being jobless, and their lives have become worse than they were before getting banks loans. Infinity Group is the solution to the unfavorable financial markets in the Austalia as a whole. Learn more: